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By Greg Janzen

Combining phenomenological insights from Brentano and Sartre, but additionally drawing on contemporary paintings on cognizance by way of analytic philosophers, this e-book defends the view that unsleeping states are reflexive, and unavoidably so, i.e., that they have got a integrated, “implicit” know-how in their personal incidence, such that the topic of a wide awake nation has a right away, non-objectual acquaintance with it. As a part of this research, the e-book additionally explores the connection among reflexivity and the outstanding, or “what-it-is-like,” size of wakeful adventure, protecting the leading edge thesis that exceptional personality is constituted via the implicit self-awareness outfitted into each unsleeping kingdom. This account stands in marked distinction to such a lot influential extant theories of exceptional personality, together with qualia theories, in accordance with which extra special personality is an issue of getting exceptional sensations, and representationalism, in accordance with which extra special personality is constituted by way of representational content material. (Series A)

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