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By Gordon G. Globus

This interdisciplinary paintings discloses an unforeseen coherence among contemporary techniques in mind technological know-how and postmodern proposal. A nonlinear dynamical version of mind states is considered as an autopoietic, autorhoetic, self-organizing, self-tuning eruption less than a number of constraints and guided by means of an overarching optimization precept which insures conservation of invariances and enhancement of symmetries. The nonlinear dynamical mind as built indicates quantum nonlocality, undergoes chaotic regimes, and doesn't compute. Heidegger and Derrida are ‘appropriated’ as dynamical theorists who're involved respectively with the move of time and being (Ereignis) and textual content (Différance). The chasm among postmodern proposal and the completely metaphysical idea that the mind computes is breached, as soon as the nonlinear dynamical framework is followed. The publication is written in a postmodern type, making playful, opportunistic use of marginalia and desires, and offering a nonserial floor of damaged complexity. (Series A)

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